Wu-Tang Clan’s General Ghostface Killah helps kick off Berlin tech fair (Video)


Robotic arms, powered gloves and a new currency  – they’re all part of day one of the Cube Tech Fair in Berlin. The annual event aims to bring tech startup companies together with large corporations. STORYLINE This is the Pro Glove, made by the Munich based company with the same name. It might seem like a simple idea. The company has made a glove that incorporates a QR code scanner that can be triggered by the push of the fingers – allowing workers to keep their hands free but at the same time be able to scan codes faster. It could be used in supermarkets of course, but the device is mostly made for industrial use. In large factories assembly workers might need to scan codes on parts up to 1000 times per day. Pro Glove says each scan is four seconds faster with their gloves, saving a lot of time each day. The Pro Glove is a perfect example of what is shown at the Cube Tech Fair in the German capital Berlin. The whole idea is to bring new, hungry, startup companies together with large corporations. “Cube Tech Fair is all about being a guide,” says CEO Torsten Oelke. “A guide for corporates who want to meet the right technology partners. But also for startups to meet the right people at the corporates to do business with.” But there was also some star power on the first day of the show. Rapper Dennis Coles, better known Ghostface Killah in the rap group Wu-Tang Clan came to the fair to speak about ‘Cream’ a cryptocurrency he is about to launch worldwide. “I’m going to let them know that we can become our own bank here,” he says. “You can oversee your own money. You can look and see, you can take out and put in whatever you want to do. It is like, you are your own boss of which you are dealing with.” The best-known cryptocurrency is currently Bitcoin but there are hundreds other like Ether, Litecoin and MIOTA. The Cream currency will be tied to a venture called Cream Capital, also founded by Coles. However, Coles did not offer details on how ‘Cream’ would differ from other cryptocurrencies and what focus Cream Capital would have. “We are looking at this for the future,” he says. “I know that it has to grow legs and it takes time to walk and grow in to these things like that. But from my understanding, you know it has ups and downs but at the end of the day we are just looking for that gold.” According to Oelke, digitalisation has led to an explosion in innovation that could change any part of industry and society. “We are at a tipping point where we will get change that we couldn’t have imagined just a couple of years ago.” “I mean, take the automotive industry, right. If you would have asked the guys there they need an electric vehicle, right, they would have laughed at you. Because they think ‘our motor will stay in place forever’. And then it turns out, within years, that people are laughing at that idea.” One company that is hoping to find a space in the mobility sector is Munich-based Bleenco. The company has developed an image recognition system that can tell the mood of a driver. The idea is to connect the system to the in-car assistants to help the car avoid accidents. “The system should understand how a driver behaves. And understand his interaction with the car,” says Irman Abdic, founder of Bleenco. Another company working with image analysing is LuxFlux. The company is creating software for Hyperspectral cameras. “This one here has around 300 colours,” says Jan Makowski,

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Meth Lab II: The Lithium is on its way, and with it comes the new single “Grand Prix,” premiering here on Billboard today (Aug. 9). The track is a return to Method Man’s true form: dark undercurrents mixed with sharp wordplay and seamless delivery. It’s that skill-set that has kept Method Man a continuous torchbearer for real rap, and his most obvious attribute. “I can rhyme my ass off, that ain’t nothin’ new,” he says with a laugh. “People already knew that, but they just tend to forget. Every now and then you’ve gotta remind them.”

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The concept of the Meth Lab in general is a haven for burgeoning talent. “It’s basically our little movement out on Staten Island that gives us a chance to give a lot of these dudes a platform to display themselves and their music and show the mechanics that go into a project,” Hanz On explains. The studio’s name came about when the owners of Trackstar Studio joined forces with Meth and Hanz to form the collaborative Meth Lab, timed with the first installment’s release, as that’s where the project was recorded. This time around, there’s a much greater presence from Method Man, enlisting other big names like Snoop Dogg and producer Dame Grease.

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This won’t be the end of The Meth Lab either. Future projects will be laid out like episodes and even offer the brand to venture into comedy. It’s a testament to Method Man’s undeniable consistency, but also his willingness to pivot, and with Hanz On in the mix as well, the result is classic material with a new energy. “I want it to feel like it’s a TV show,” Method Man says. “Either a bad one, or a good one, or a polarizing one. As long as it’s a show.”



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